The Visionaries’ conference

The Visionaries’ conference launches the Cloud Week Paris Region.

The aim : think out of the box, open new perspectives and anticipate the future. Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber and others have deeply revolutionised our consumption habits in just 8 years. Once again, the cards will be re-deal. 8 French-and-overseas personalities, thought leaders, searchers, entrepreneurs or great innovator :  « The next wave : what will be the next disruptions ? ». This conference gather more than 500 participants and finish with the Cloud’s awards ceremony from 6pm to 8pm.

Monday 3rd of July from 2pm to 6pm

 Maison de la Chimie, 28 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

Themes of some of our visionaries

“The fundamentals of the digital company of tomorrow (and today)”

Philippe Bournhonesque
Chief Technical Officer d’IBM France

He graduated from Telecom ParisTech and started his carrier in the space industry. Then, he he held several positions at IBM France. He was nominated Development Director at Devoteam. In 2004, he has created Uperto, an entity dedicated to advise and  to open source services. The next year, he joined IBM France as Group Chief Strategy Officer at IBM Software. In 2015, he became Chief Technical Officer.


“Disruption : French National Gendarmerie as well !”
Colonel Éric Freyssinet

Head of the digital mission of the French Nationale Gendarmerie

Following a 19 years career in the field of the fight against cybercrime at the French Gendarmerie’s forensic science institute or the Department of the Interior, his mission is  to enable the digital transformation in the French National  Gendarmerie.


“The digital future will be what we make it”
Antoine Petit

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Board of Inria – President of the Executive Board of IHEST

Agrégation in mathematics, Doctor of Sciences, University Professor at the ENS in Cachan, Antoine is strongly committed to promote research, éducation and innovation. He is athe very core of relations between institutions, research institutions and firms in France and abroad. He is  a specialist of formal methods for real-time systems.


“Mechanism of a game changer in the world of benefit societies”
Jean-Charles Samuelian

Co-founder and CEO of Alan (First digital Health insurance in Europe and first independant Insurance since 1986 in France).

Former co-founder of Expliseat, which revolutionized economy-class seat, Jean-Charles code since he was 12 years old. He received a lot of prices of which the Médaille du Redressement Productif, Prix Montgolfier, les 30 Glorieux d’Europe 1,… From now on, he takes on the world of benefit societies.


“Innovation through the connected ink”
Corinne Versini

Founder of Genes’Ink (Pioneer in the conception, development and production of active nanoparticles incorporated into ink formulas)

2016 Prizewinner of  Femme à l’International des Femmes de l’économie PACA & Monaco, Corinne is very active in the entrepreneurial world ( Comité Richelieu, Pacte PME, French Tech d’Aix-Marseille…). She also intervenes as an expert in project assessment for the European Commission.

Do not miss the opportunity to share the ideas of our visionaries !