Etats Généraux du Cloud : “When the Cloud unleashes companies”

Key meeting of the week, The Etats Généraux du Cloud open their doors to all so they can discuss together about the levers of acceleration that represents the digital transformation for companies.

This year, the time has come true talk: the numerous brainstorming confronting suppliers and users of the program will allow us to give concrete answers on the issues of organization, skills, adoption, innovation, security, Alliances…

Follow a course thematized according to your interests. The Human one?  Security and confidence? The Market and its offers?  The choice is yours!

Wednesday, July 5 from 8:30am to 6:30pm

Salons Hoche, 9 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris

Registrations are over ! Thank you for your coming and see you next year !


The program

9am : Welcome  by Pierre-José Billote, EuroCloud France
9:20am :  Keynote – Christel Heydemann, CEO Schneider Electric France : “Schneider Electric, my digital transformation and me”

The development strategy of a company seen by its leader: What place for digital – Which accelerators – Which obstacles?

9:40am : Plenary Brainstorming: “Cloud first – a strategy and a change of culture?”

The Explosion of the digital uses through the cloud modified the landscape within the company. This one has never had so many possibilities for better selling, better communicating, to better collaborate, better innovate… But does it affect all strata of the company? Is it not compulsory to evolve into a digital culture that truly empowers the opportunities developed by the cloud. Strategy, organization, internal communication… How IT System Department, Chief Data Officer and Human Resources Director can cooperate to make this alignment easier?

A brainstorming managed by the editorial team of Alliancy.

10:45am : Thematic Workshops – organized as brainstorming:




10:45 Digital transformation and the cloud: which messages should we pass to the comex in 2017? Cloud, innovation et alliances, Does the cloud promote co creation? GDPR – control my informal legacy… An imperative in 2018?
11:35 Image and competitiveness of the ISD : Can the relationship with the trades be made active again? The personal path to the Cloud : step and best practices Reversibility of cloud’s services: false debate?

In parallel of these round tables, some partners workshops are proposed.

12:25am :  Start-up pitches
1:05pm : Lunch cocktail
2:30pm : Start-up pitches
3:10pm : Thematic Workshops – organized as brainstorming:
3:10pm When the cloud acts on agility and vice versa Beyond the global cloud, no salvation? About the cloud, is the security debate behind us?
4:00pm Can we capitalize on the cloud without capitalizing on Human? Consulting, Outsourcers, publishers…: what new docket? ROI and cloud cost: 2017, transparency year?
5:00pm : Plenary brainstorming: “companies, growth and international: did the cloud change everything?”

When it comes to accessing a new market, to become known and to develop quickly, international and cloud goes together. Because, the Cloud is an accelerator to develop everywhere rapidly. International platform strategies strengthen this opportunity.
A brainstorming managed by the editorial team of Alliancy.

06:00pm : End of the day